A two minute video about leadership coaching and consultation

How I help leaders:

I help you thrive, not just survive, as you focus on the things you most value.

I help you manage stressful situations and help you communicate in difficult circumstances.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like...

  • to thrive and not just survive in your life?

  • to have improved physical health?

  • to enjoy your life?

  • to relax and feel at ease?

I don't fix your problems.  I help you design a fix.

I have written several published papers about leadership coaching if you want to check out the scholarly side of what I do.   And here is my CV so you can see my full academic background. 

My Background and Training

I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist.   I am on faculty at Duke University where I do leadership and team coaching. 

What my clients tell me

Leaders I work with report they have better life balance, sleep better, feel less stressed, worry less, and have better self care after coaching with me only one or two coaching sessions. 


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